Clothes Make the Man

„Clothes Make The Man” – Mark Twain What to wear and how to wear it In an ever more connected world good communication is vital for developing new relationships. Language is, of course, essential but what about our non-verbal communication – our clot

Brand Presentation

Good dressing is like having a love affair with your clothes, playing with patterns and teasing the colours into a harmonious relationship. „ Since 2001 Simon Skottowe Bespoke Tailors has been a haven for all style conscious gentlemen in the heart of

How to Look Like a Million Dollars in Tweed

Tweed, that quintessential British cloth redolent of country pursuits and aristocratic estates; think Downton Abbey. Well yes, we all know that, but what is tweed? Where did it originate and why has it kept its place in British style and fashion thro