The Project

Why is it that some people just know what is right? The most beautiful lining, the perfect buttonhole, the tastiest Gorgonzola. It´s instinctive. For those always searching for the best, life can be frustrating. Perfection in everything is a tiring occupation but supremely satisfying when things come together.
Every customer has to be appraised: size, configuration, stance and character. The best cutters will always create in their mind a picture of the perfect shape for the client. Then they will use all their skill and experience to realise this ideal.
“I always want my customers to look the very best they can. Sometimes the compromises made for comfort, pockets filled like a briefcase or even the wishes of a wife can be irksome.”
In considering cloth type, texture and colour the tailor needs to think about climate, usage, style, the customers complexion etc. With the appropriate cloth chosen, English from Holland and Sherry, Harrisons or Smiths Woollens, Italian from Loro Piana or Zegna, the linings, buttons and finishing can be discussed. Everything, to the smallest detail, needs to be thought through.

Generally four fittings are needed for a new client. However, if more are required then more fittings are done. Simon will not be rushed.
"If your cutter is not fitting you then it´s not real bespoke."
It is with this “state of mind” that Simon founded his company and with this philosophy that the business has developed since its inception.