Ties and pochettes


Drake’s of London is the largest independent producer of handmade ties in the United Kingdom. Since 1977 their products marry the finest craftmanship with a contemporary take on classic menswear. As Michael Hill, the creative director of the company puts it , ”Classic British style through the eyes of Italians”.

Each of their collections comprises numerous sophisticated designs, and inspires us to find new combinations for our customers. As part of their design philosophy they regularly revisit designs from their archives, to give a fresh twist to a classic pattern. Traditionally woven structures, like Grenadine, is one of their mainstays. Sean Connery as James Bond was quite fond of this style, a weave, which is still produced today on eighty year old hand shuttle looms.

Sewing each tie individually offers the opportunity to use different types of finishing, to suit the diverse character of the cloths. We particularly like the hand rolled hems on the raw silk models. The same technique is used on the pochettes, fine hand finishing for today’s connoisseurs. Rigorous quality control ensures that each Drake’s product comes out of the factory flawless, without any imperfection.

From our selection we feel sure, that you will find the correct tie or pochette for any occasion; with a little bit of care these accessories can be passed on to the next generation.