Central northern Italy, and particularly Brescia, is an historic home of hosiery production. Dyaguar is one of the specialist sock producers with nearly 50 years experience in the trade.

Their collection is based upon Filoscozia (Lisle cotton), merino wool and blends in both plain knit and ribbed. They are also following the trend for more whimsical patterns in multi-coloured jacquard designs.

Filo di Scozia (Lisle cotton) is the finest cotton yarn available. Spun from long staple Egyptian cotton there are four processes needed to produce the real thing.

After combing, spinning, mercerizing and singeing, the Filoscozia natural characteristics of shine and resistance are strengthened, acquiring better absorption and non-shrinking qualities. Filoscozia products are comfortable on the skin, long-lasting, silky and low-pilling, with vivid, shiny tones.

The best option for being and staying comfortable throughout the year. Being so fine you hardly feel it even if, as a gentleman should, you wear the long style and refrain from “showing some leg”.