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Travel Diary – London

Our autumn trip to London was the usual combination of meeting new suppliers, visiting longtime partners and catching up with colleagues. Combined with an extensive lookaround in Simon’s home town – lots of stylish places and enjoyable events.

Arriving at the beautiful St. Pancras station

After arriving in London on Thursday we spent a relaxing evening catching up with friends and family in preparation for a packed following day.


Meeting with Blackhorse Lane Ateliers

Meeting with the super team of this young, but already quite established denim manufacturer was the main reason to visit London. As you may know, we started considerably expanding our ready to wear offering one and half years ago. We agreed early on that offering selvedge denim jeans for our customers would be a great idea. After reserching the possibilities of creating our own product in Hungary,with no luck, we started to look further afield. After examining various producers we were drawn to Blackhorse Lane Ateliers. As we gathered more information about their work it became clear we would like to work with them. A month of emails back and forth with the lovely Annie and we had our appointment set up.

No fuss around here: workshop, office, shop all in one place

Bilgehan (Han) Ates the founder of the company greeted us in the factory, where they also have their office, store and some other interesting studio ventures set up. As we learned from Han, the area of Walthamstow, is an historic center of all sorts of small artisan workshops.

After some tasty coffee, we got to see what sets Blackhorse Lane denim apart from the competititon. Coming from a tailoring background, Han was keen from the start to find perfect solutions to manufacturing issues, making their products just as beautiful on the inside, as on the outside. Exceptional finishing, a one piece fly construction or thoughtful details like an inside coin pocket are all small but important features, which made a lasting impression on us; they are just as fussy as we are.

Annie of Blackhorse Lane explaining the different fits on offer

Discussing the different fabrics and fits on offer were the major issues to resolve to create the right products for our clients. After some try-ons to get the complete feel of products we left with masses of information to distill. Our minds were spinning around with what we had seen. A great group of professionals with whom we had a rapor. Bodes well for a special collaboration.

A peek into the denim workshop

After a well deserved lunch we headed to Savile Row with a brief stop at the gorgeous Berluti store. Our final destination No. 9-10 were Holland and Sherry have their London showroom. Simon has worked their fabrics for 15 years and now is the retail outlet in Budapest. Cloth merchants for 181 years, the company is based in Peebles, Scotland, supplying tailors worldwide. We were received by Nicolas Guilbaud, who showed us the recently issued collections.  Internation Sales Manager, Lindsay Taylor were kindly gave us a copy Simon Crompton’s book, The Finest Menswear In The World as a memento.

Lindsay Taylor  and Nicolas Guilbaud and handing over a special gift from the company

Some weeks ago a mutual acqaitance, the renonwed menswear author Bernhard Roetzel, suggested John from Tobias Tailors to come to see us as he was on holiday in Budapest with his wife. Altough he found our premises it was a Saturday and Simon was away. Milan showed them around and arranged to meet up in London during our trip. John, who is more seniour than his looks would suggest, has worked on the Row since the 1960’s. After meeting up together with his doughter Roxanne we headed straight to Sartoria, one of the preffered watering holes of the trade. Roxanne is now finishing her training as a coatmaker and stories reminiscenses and trade gossip flow thick and fast as the wine slipped down.

John and Simon at Sartoria

Everybody knows everybody on the Row and in fact John works close to Simon’s teacher Tom Slatter. How do you manage this? Do you know him? Do you remember so and so? We had a great time and left exhausted but happy for our respective homes, each ready to sample London’s culinary treats.


An industrial alley opening from Shoreditch High Street

After a slight technical hitch with the transportation, London really is a big place, we met up outside of Spitalfields Market for a quick caffeine fix. Renovated Spitalfields is a hive of activity but maybe now a bit commercial. We were after something more rarefied and after a gentle walk down Fournier Street, home to Gilbert and George, we found ourselves at the beginning of Brick Lane, London’s historic rag trade centers. Now it’s a bit more touristy, but you can still find some of the best Indian restaurants and a rather scrumptous chocolate shop, Dark Sugars. We wandered around to Redchurch street, where Labour and Wait are to be found.This shop is full with well made,utilitarian objects from household goods to books and clothing. We fell in love with a number of things, definitely a place to covet.

Heading towards Camlet street the lovely we found the lovely Boundary Gardens in front of us. A carousel like garden in a middle of a small square, conquered by brick red residential buildings, the area had a truly special atmosphere. We decided to grab a quick bite a look around a bit more in the area.

The amazing Boundary Gardens  (Photo courtesy of Alan Ard Widdal)

Just a few steps away we found the store of British fashion designer Ally Capellino. Simon had a brief stint at her company before moving to Milan, a memory he shared with the curious assistants in the store. A couple hundred meters away ,Columbia Road was another exceptional street to walk by.  Full with vintage furniture and design items, the taste and the range of selection of the shops to be found there, well worth a look for interior decoration inspiration.

To switch things up we headed back to the West End for a coffee and afternoon drink. The Polo Bar at the Westbury Hotel is an old favourite of Simon, the place did not let down this time either. Talking through all the different impressions  we got over this two days, we felt supercharged with interesting ideas for the business at home.

More than just business, these trips present a great opportunity to feed our curiosity and creativity, in these matters London never fails to impress us.



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